Transitioning From The Pens To The Pump

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After saving myself (with the help of my family and friends) from Keto, I knew something needed to change…

I haven’t always been the best diabetic… Still am not… But I’m working to get better.

For years as a child and teen, I was told “You aren’t a good candidate for insulin pump therapy due to your overly active lifestyle.” So needless to say, I was hesitant to change.

But after what I had been through and what my wife and family had endured just from the most recent episode, something had to be done to start feeling better again. Frankly, I forgot what it was like to not feel horrible all the time.

I went to my Doctor ( I don’t currently have an Endo ) and she, being fairly inexperienced in diabetes health, was both happy to see me looking to get better but also seemed slightly flustered… I can’t say I blame her.

She set me up with a V-Go representative… I had never heard of it. After some research, I found that it was primarily used for T-2D and on overweight patients, I was neither of these things, so I was a bit surprised but willing to try near anything. I have low body fat and didn’t realize the difficulty it would play in using this V-Go insulin delivery system.

Basically, the device adheres to your skin and a needle delivers a basal rate (automatically) and a bolus rate (manually, 2u at a time). So the needle stays in you? Yes, that is correct.

So I made the switch and kept my Novolog FlexPens as a back-up.

The first day was great, I didn’t do much, tried to rest and recover. My blood sugars were finally stabilizing, it felt AMAZING to sleep through the night (even with a 3am check). It wasn’t until I started to do more did I realize that this system wasn’t going to work for me but had definitely made me feel much better.

My MMA Promoting friend had always told me about his Doctor… A fellow Type-1, after speaking to my Doc and her telling me she couldn’t give me a pump (not true), I decided to change things up.

It has been a great switch and I am now not only on the Medtronic Minimed, but I am also have CGM (constant glucose monitoring) attached (currently to my arm).

There are many cool things about this setup… 1. I feel bionic… 2. It is much more physiological. I have a constant stream of insulin and manually bolus for food intake (NOT JUST CARBS) and because the CGM, my meter and pump all communicate, I can sleep through the night (adjusting my basal %) and not worry about scary night lows (I’ve had my share) because my pump will shut off while alarming me by vibrating and beeping.

It’s going really well and I am excited for the future! Medtronic and my Doctor have been great. I’m really glad I switched!

Are you still on Insulin Pens or even syringes and vial? What are the obstacles keeping you from making the switch?

Transitioning From The Pens To The Pump