Can you develop insulin resistance or intolerance? Insul-IN or Insul-OUT?

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I was dealing with high blood sugars and they were literally killing me. I would dose and dose and dose and dose and hardly see my blood sugar affected… Then I would dose again… and then I would go low… really low. Mostly it was just dosing and dosing to keep my blood sugar below 350 mg/dl… Not exactly my target range.

After I went to my doctor, she unknowingly switched my insulin to Humalog… I let it go in hopes there may be some difference despite always being told there wasn’t one.

This is when I switched to the V-Go Insulin Delivery System. I was now controlling my blood sugar with HALF or even 1/3 of insulin since switching from Novolog to Humalog.

I mentioned this to my new doctor and he had never heard of anything like that ever happening. The rep that set my pump up, unbeknownst to me, filled my first pump cartridge with Novolog… I started to think something was up when I couldn’t stay below 350 mg/dl.

I’ve heard of insulin sensitivity in relation to T-1 Diabetics but never a strong resistance. What caused this?

I actually had a similar reaction to Lantus years ago. Symptoms of hyperglycemia (high BG) felt horrendous and lasting. Tearing up my stomach and legs with cramps, pressure and pain. Not to mention the mood swings and irritability.

What is going on in my body?

After that first day, I switched to humalog and things have been great. I haven’t done any research on it just yet but so far, no one has ever heard of this happening… I’m hoping it doesn’t happen with humalog. This is why, I believe, diet and what you eat is so important, but that’s a blog for another day.

I will discuss ways to efficiently use insulin using environment, diet, etc.

I will be researching this topic and reaching out to NovoNordisk and Lilly for comment and I will post my findings.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Can you develop insulin resistance or intolerance? Insul-IN or Insul-OUT?